"Human brains have been replaced by mud" - created Apr 3, 2019 While re-reading a March 2018 Hacker News thread that pointed to the IndieWeb, I enjoyed this observation from a commenter. If its not on Google, it doesn't exist. If it cannot be completely consumed inside Facebook you are probably antisocial. If your idea cannot be expressed in ... more>>
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this is a test reply post that contains nothing relevant to the [post](http - this is a test reply post that contains nothing relevant to the post that I'm reply to. i'm simply testing this kleete.com site, which is webmention-based.
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this is test [reply](http://kleete.com/thread/bAROtmPGNwzI4mh0GETrdg) post - this is test reply post for a kleete.com thread. i'm not replying to my post that started the thread. i'm replying to the comment, posted at by wren. i should add the ability to kleete to relay replies to the the original thread starter owner, via the webmention. if that makes sense. in other words, ... more>>
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maybe bad design due to carelessness and intentionally hostile design done - for profit have created muddy human brains. March 2019 book by Mike Monteiro titled *Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It * 2013 video of a presentation given by Mike titled How De ... more>>
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test omnibear webmention reply post 08may2019 - I'm using the Omnibear IndieWeb compatible web browser add-on with the Firefox web browser on my Chromebook, which runs ChromeOS, but it also supports Android apps. i'm replying to a thread page at kleete.com. this post should get created at sawv.org via micropub, and then sawv.org will make the web ... more>>
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A lot of muddy brains still exist within the Cleveland Browns after yet ano - ther clunky performance yesterday in New England. After a bye week, CLE committed three turnovers in the first quarter to trail 17-0 before CLE made its first first down. Just as bad and maybe worse than the turnovers, CLE co ... more>>
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